There is only one way to ensure that the goods you are buying are made by Tiffany and are not Tiffany replicas, and that is to only purchase from Tiffany's official website. Sellers of replica Tiffany goods will always try to convince consumers that the goods sold in their counterfeit store are authentic Tiffany goods or somehow comparable to Tiffany's quality. This cannot be true.

Because of the efforts of counterfeiters, it can be difficult to discern authentic from replica when shopping online. Pictures of replica Tiffany goods won't always display the flaws that counterfeits generally have in materials and assembly. Sometimes Tiffany replicas are claimed to be of a quality known as “grade AAA,” but there aren't many other indications when looking at a picture alone. Upon receiving the replica goods, however, if in fact they are ever received, the difference between authentic and counterfeit Tiffany will be clear. Consumers hoping to purchase authentic Tiffany jewelry and other Tiffany goods are often tricked by these replica web stores and left without the ability to recoup their money.

Visit the company’s official website at, so that you will know that what you're purchasing is always genuine Tiffany.