Tiffany & Co. continues to counteract the efforts of counterfeiters, an endeavor for which Tiffany must maintain constant vigilance as this illegal industry moves more and more onto the Internet.

But despite these efforts, sellers of replica jewelry and other counterfeit goods continue to try to trick consumers and profit from Tiffany's good name and reputation.

Along with this consumer deception, counterfeiters often engage in other malicious acts:

  • In general, sellers of replica goods avoid their civic duty and do not pay taxes. This means that, by avoiding the tax pool into which we all pay, counterfeiters do not contribute to the expansion and maintenance of our cities and states.
  • Counterfeiters are often engaged in other illegal activities because of their association with the illegal sale of replica goods. These illegal practices can include anything from identity theft to terrorism and other forms of organized crime. Buying counterfeit goods may help sellers of replicas continue these efforts.
  • Finally, counterfeiters will typically cut costs by cutting corners in materials and manufacturing. This means that the goods they sell will usually not endure the test of time or daily use.

Tiffany remains committed to protecting consumers and quashing counterfeiting whenever possible.