Tiffany & Co. has been creating high-quality luxury goods since the company first opened its doors in New York City in 1837. It is this high standard and prestige that others so often attempt to imitate with Tiffany replicas, in order to profit from consumer deception.

The Tiffany replica jewelry store once hosted here attempted to do just that—confuse visitors and make them believe they were purchasing authentic Tiffany goods.


Once hosted here was an online store that was using Tiffany's good name and reputation to sell consumers Tiffany replicas.

On December 8, 2009, Tiffany took control of this domain to ensure it could no longer be used to sell counterfeit Tiffany goods.

Examples of Tiffany replicas once sold here, claiming to be genuine Tiffany, are Tiffany replica earrings and Tiffany replica bracelets, pieces of jewelry on which, when authentic, Tiffany expends a great deal of time and care. Sellers of Tiffany replicas will generally spend as little time and energy as possible on the replica jewelry you will eventually receive, if you receive it at all.

It is important for consumers to know and understand the consequences that come along with buying Tiffany replica goods, so that they are able to protect themselves from those who intend to make them believe that the Tiffany replicas are genuine or of a similar quality to that of authentic Tiffany items. This will never be true.